Learn more about how we started Nourish and how we’ve grown our bakery to be more than just a store, but an idea that people can believe in: the idea that gluten-free food can be both accessible and delicious.

The story of Nourish has many contributions from a range of different sources. The name Nourish, along with its focus of being ‘a gluten-free bakery’, started years before Graham and Kelly both stood behind the counter and in front of the ovens.

Celiac safe was the number one priority, and still is today. Kelly and Graham both have strong values when it comes to food, baking in particular. They wanted not only for those who suffer with Celiac Disease to love their creations, but the everyday person as well. And with many grueling hours of experimentation, wasting countless amounts of ‘dough’, they finally completed their objective. So, in August of 2014, Nourish Bakery was born.

Despite being trained in Baking and Pastry Arts as wheat bakers, they took on this daunting challenge and continue to amaze their new and existing clientele. Nourish Bakery strives to provide those who suffer with dietary restrictions a place to go. Whether you have a peanut allergy, are lactose intolerant, and even if you live a vegan lifestyle, Nourish has something for you.

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Graham and Kelly’s Story is a bit of an interesting one, and it begins outside of Newfoundland. Graham hails from North Bay, ON and Kelly from Montreal, QC. They met at Algonquin College in Ottawa, ON in the fall of 2008. The two quickly became friends over their ideals and similar dreams for the future.

After the program, not wanting to lose one another, they decided to live together for a year in Ottawa. An unsettling feeling and yearning for adventure came upon them, the two decided to look for a new place to live in close relation to both families. Unsuccessful in finding a place to call home, a crazy, random, and now questioning thought occurred. Why not move out East? Their families thought they were mad, and maybe they are a little. They sold most of what they owned, bought a ’98 Volvo Wagon and a small trailer with bike racks. They filled the newly claimed ‘rocket’ with the remainder of their belongings, along with their cat, and hit the road heading east.

Arriving in Newfoundland with thin wallets and even thinner nerves, they decided to quickly cross the island to meet with the only contact they had, a lovely couple living in Spaniards Bay. A quick two weeks went by spent berry picking, eating jiggs dinner, surviving hurricane Igor, and meeting just about every family member of their new found friends. Deciding to finally start calling Newfoundland their home, they moved to St. John’s to find work. Fast-forward through 4 years of amazing memories to just after they first opened the doors to Nourish Bakery. The newly married couple descended on their gluten-free journey to help the people of Newfoundland. Working tirelessly to recreate the classics and an emphasis on keeping things simple, Graham and Kelly have been able to put their spin on gluten-free.

Absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try more of your delicious treats. And can we talk about the blueberry apple jam? I was eating it out of the jar with a spoon. It’s half gone and I haven’t even put a slice of bread in the toaster. It’s that good.

-Leslie Pierce

Nourish Bakery catered the desert table for the 10th anniversary of Soothe Downtown Spa . The deserts were delicious, the presentation beautiful and the service personal yet professional. Great job Nourish Bakery!

-Gloria Williams

After throwing away many loaves of grocery store bread, we found a keeper! My daughter (13) who was recently diagnosed with celiac ate four slices of toast this morning. At one point she looked up and said ” mom thank you for finally finding a breakfast food I like”.

-Jacqueline Blanchard-Poole

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