There are a lot of desserts that have been created at Nourish Bakery before we brought our cameras into the bakery. Catering is the place for that, to let you know that we do much more than what you’ve seen here already.

Choosing us for your occasion doesn’t have to be about food allergies, and it doesn’t have to be about dessert either. We take a unique personal, yet professional, approach to every aspect within the bakery. That includes orders by phone, email, or our favourite: face to face. Sandwich platters, dessert platters, crackers & dips, cakes, pies & tarts: even if you need a dozen Dairy Free or Vegan Cupcakes at your wedding to appease a few guests, we’ve got you covered. Our personal favourite and specialty would be sweet and savoury dessert tables. Arranged accordingly to your decor or using one of our setups, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re worried about food allergies, you can be sure we take it very seriously. At our bakery, we deal with allergies and food restrictions on a daily basis.

In the end you will be dealing with us, Graham & Kelly. One of the aspects of baking that we enjoy is the love, care, thought, and process that goes into every order. It will be unlike any other, as everything will have a unique trademark from us.

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Absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try more of your delicious treats. And can we talk about the blueberry apple jam? I was eating it out of the jar with a spoon. It’s half gone and I haven’t even put a slice of bread in the toaster. It’s that good.

-Leslie Pierce

After throwing away many loaves of grocery store bread, we found a keeper! My daughter (13) who was recently diagnosed with celiac ate four slices of toast this morning. At one point she looked up and said ” mom thank you for finally finding a breakfast food I like”.

-Jacqueline Blanchard-Poole

Nourish Bakery catered the desert table for the 10th anniversary of Soothe Downtown Spa . The deserts were delicious, the presentation beautiful and the service personal yet professional. Great job Nourish Bakery!

-Gloria Williams

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